About the Lee Democrats

The purpose of the Lee Democratic Committee is to improve the quality of life of all persons, especially residents of Lee, New Hampshire, through the democratic process of government. Our goals are to promote and support the Democratic Party and to identify, elect, and support strong Democrats at the local, county, state, and national levels. We invite you to join us at our monthly educational and informational meetings, working committee meetings, social events, and community service activities as we put our democratic ideals into action.

We are an inclusive local committee dedicated to electing Democrats and educating the public about issues that Democrats stand for, such as the right to free and fair elections, health care for all, environmental protection, safeguarding Medicare and Social Security, and making sure our kids have access to quality public education. Get involved and make a difference!

About Lee, NH

“Lee remained a part of Durham till 1766, when, after a lot of preliminary legislation, on January 16, the act for the new town of Lee became a law, and the new town was born. The petitioners did not give it that name, in fact they did not suggest any name; it was probably the gift of Governor Benning Wentworth. Why did Governor Wentworth select the name “Lee” for this town? He named a large number of new towns, and gave them very appropriate names, but none better than this excellent town has borne for over 240 years. There is no record of his reason for so naming it. In selecting the English town names he took those in which his friends and acquaintances lived, the residences of distinguished persons. I guess, but do not know, that he took the name Lee from the town of that name on the River Lee, now in greater London.

HOW LEE GOT IT'S NAME, From John Scales book entitled Lee, New Hampshire - http://leenh.org/Pages/LeeNH_WebDocs/historylee